Difane presents a curation of Mexican design pieces where, through minimalist spaces, it aims to highlight the materials and shapes of each object.

October 2020

Magazine du Monde

"Le design mexicain à la conquête du monde".

May 2021

To achieve a truly revolutionary design in an industry as effervescent as the creative scene in Mexico, it is necessary to combine the knowledge and disciplines of many creative geniuses.

July 2021

A successful design always involves a balance between form, texture, and materiality. This is precisely the outcome of what Difane has achieved. On the other hand, their mission is to build a community among designers, architects, and industry professionals to accomplish multidisciplinary projects that are unique and rich in Mexican talent.

October 2021

The elegance and sophistication of the movie diva, dolores del Rio, comes to life in the magnificent Candelaria Collection by AD HOC for Difane

December 2021

El nuevo showroom de Difane continúa con el objetivo de la galería: reunir a los mejores creativos mexicanos y reflejar el valor de los objetos de diseño de la vida cotidiana.

Octubre 2022

The new Mexican house is a functional and aesthetic dialogue, Design House sets the standard for artisan, risky and unexpected interior design.

November 2022

As the source of so much history, Mexico City’s architectural style throughout the mid-20th century tells a story. Colección Estudio x Difane translate it through their collaborative Basurto Stool Collection.

September 2021


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